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Kam Chancellor Contract Holdout Ends

Kam Chancellor

Seattle Seahawks would receive a good help to pay for their bad start. This Wednesday they lost another game but Kam Chancellor gives news that he would come back. He will put an end to his contract holdout. He will return back to the team by doing so. Chancellor is skipping pre-season acting his request to renew his contract. The situation prolonged and he has to skip two more games at the start of the season. Both of these games end in Seahawks defeats. Seahawks loses matches against Rams and Packers is proven to be a very bad start for the team. A downfall of team morale could be shifted through the text he sends at Stephen A Smith. His text confirms that he wants to back to the team.

Chancellor said that he want to help his team to fight back form their defeat. With him in the team he would give a try to improve Seahawks bad start at the beginning of this season. In the text he said that he will help their team mates. The offer works for those who understand his position and also for those who aren’t. He tries to be good by forgiving people and put himself back to the game. The intention of reshaping contract still exists in his mind but he is willing to address it when the season ends. He wants to continue working on a mission that he started with Marshawn. He can let his friends down and he means business with his words.

Thought it may be able to be a good help Seattle Seahawks may think that Chancellor comeback isn’t necessary. There is nothing to worry about their situation. Their defeat against Rams is something that happened on overtime. Though this can’t justify their defeat but it doesn’t mean that Seattle Seahawks really needs help. Defeats to Packers can be justified by the fact that it is included in the list of best team thus it is logical to see Seattle Seahawks defeated by such team. Despite of justification the team is already defeated twice in the start of the season. It means that the team would need to give better performance than what he has given earlier. Having Chancellor back to the team is a good idea since it could give good boost to the team morale and make the hawk sore back to the sky.

This Wednesday Chancellor is seen on team facility. With the comeback Seattle will have better defense ad good leadership. This would work great for the next game. Seattle would want Chancellor back to the team. But some charges may need to be paid for Chancellor action of contact holdout. Seattle may or may not make this as a problem. It would depend on how much the team needs Chancellor. Chancellor makes his comeback based on his good will. He is following his heart to help his teammates. Looking at team losses hurts him. He know that he could make a difference thus he had to head back to the team.

Namibia and the Team for Rugby World Cup


World rugby has changed by moving away from any orthodoxy that is known by lots of people. The changes s displayed early in the beginning of World Cup that held in this year. Not many can expect world ruby can be like this. Japan prevails against South Africa. Change the shape of teams in Tier 2. Looking at a match between Fiji and England is also a fun thing to see. Fiji gives a good fight against the team proving that they have prepared themselves for this situation. Given the fact that japan manages to make their team prevail against bigger opponent, people put their attention to Olympic Stadium this Thursday. Namibia is smaller than japan in terms of rugby. In fact it is far smaller by a caparison of minnow to plankton.

Looking at what happen at the match of Japan again South Africa. No one dare to give any prediction about the outcome of the match. Would New Zealand wipe out Namibia or otherwise will be seen at Thursday. People can give their own perspective after looking at number and statistic of choice comparison. New Zealand registered senior player amount is half of Japan which has 53,000 players. England would be three times bigger than japan with 167,000 players. Namibia only has 1,080 players which would be equal to nothing compared to others. This is only the comparison of available choices for the best player in the country. The larger number would naturally have certain advantage since they would have a lot more to choose from. Actually rugby only needs 11 good players thus a thousand choices should be enough.

In term of playing time Japanese have an expanding professional league. South Africa has a player with highest income in the world which is reported in 2012. The player name is Jaque Fourie. Namibia has different choices of professional player. All of them started with different jobs until decide to follow a career as professional rugby player. In Namibia team you can find engineers, construction workers, diamond traders and farmers. Namibia captain Jacques Burger also said that the team has a dentist which is handy should somebody lose their tooth during the game. The dentist is PJ van Lill with number eight in his back. He put down his drill and pursues a career as rugby player in France.

Some player also have similar amount of experience as their captain. One of such player is Johnny Redelinghuys. He also plays World Cup for the third time. He owns a company in field of steel construction. Jaco Engels is a rugby player that has retired two years ago and come back to play World Cup for the first time at age 34. He is retired to make another career in the field of law. Burger is the only world class player on the team. Previously he is a sales rep until 2004 then shifted to be a rugby player and play in England. Burger knows that the team should play with pride and give a tangible manifestation of their prowess.

Lancaster Confidence and George Disappointment

stuart lancaster

Stuart Lancaster understands that he had to make better judgment about his action and the team selection to make a god match against wales. The match that would be held at Saturday is the key match in World Cup. Formation changes happened and new people placed for better game. George Ford is replaced by Owen Farrell. Sam Burgess is placed in the center of the field. After beating Fiji in the first match, England had to face Wales which manages to defeat Uruguay. Lancaster are confident about his choice and action and know that winning is a sure result. He said that people would know the game is a success if the manages to win it. People will question the result if the team eventually loses the game. Such opinion would only suggest that Lancaster feels he have made the best decision for the team.

Despite of an injury that happened to Jonathan Joseph and the change he had to make for team backline, he still confident about his decision and the outcome of the competition. Pairing Burgess and Brad Barritt activate 14th design of centre partnership that has prevailed in various competitions during his tenure. He has made the strategy design for 11 months and uses the idea to Test rugby for 112 minutes. The design is intended to put Burgess on the face of Jamie Roberts. Lancaster knew that he had to use the best defense strategy to hold off Wales and make it difficult for them to enter the gain-line.

As a good defender Sam would be able to take care of the defense in British team ad also use his capability to help attackers. This is necessary since he may have a chance to attack if opponent try to choose another route to attack or bypass him. Mike Ford said that the decision to replace George have made him devastated. He doesn’t see it coming and now he has to sit on the bench during such important game. Lancaster says that George should try to deal with his disappointment. Lancaster knows that his decision would be hard on George but it is designed like that to make the team have better chance in winning. Lancaster recognizes George and Burgess as word-class players. He just wants to do thing differently this time and give different effect to the field.

The decision to put George Ford on the bench has various criticisms. People say that the Lancaster decision is an act that signifies his true feeling. Gavin Hastings is an ex-captain for Scotland have expressed that the host give the sign of panicking. Everyone would easily understand why George Ford feels devastated and give them some kind of support and condolences. They also speak about his feeling as a player that hasn’t done a big mistake but have to feel the bench at an important match. That just doesn’t make sense. Ford literally filling in for Saracens and Farrell during the matches of Six Nations and then Lancaster had to replace him with Owen.

Last part of FedEx Cup Competition

fedex cup

Paul Casey and Rory McIlroy are given the best position following the end of Atlanta Tour Championship opening round. Swede Henrik Stenson give seven shot under 63 and manage to surpass Englishman Casey by two shots. Northern Ireland’s McIlroy have better position with one stroke away. Jason Day manages to finish by one short at the end of the first day of closing season of PGA Tour’s. This may not good enough for the title of world number one but it is a good start. Any of those players that manage to take the victory form his opponent would win FedEx Cup. Along with that title they would also gain £6.6m as victory bonus. There are five people that would be involved for ending this competition. Stenson is one of them and Day is another, along with Jordan Spieth which is an American, Bubba Watson, and Rickie Fowler.

Spieth would start the day with two stroke under 68. Fowler has slight advantage by starting at 69 and Watson will start his day at 70. Four of these people are aged less than 28. Stenson is the oldest among the group. He says that he feel younger and think that his appearance could match his lower generation just fine. Day, Spieth, McIlroy,and Fowler is those young people Stenson were talking about. Stenson felt happy to be part of the young group. He hasn’t gained any title during the length of this year. Stenson is a winner in playoffs competition for FedEx Cup two years back.

Stenson says that at his age he does have plenty experience for playing gold. He has hit millions of balls using various kinds of sticks. That is the accumulation of swing he has done for years. The only advantage of playing a he competition at this age is that his body would feel any swing he made. Getting easily tired is nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing your name on the leaderboard. It feels different in every tournament to see our own name at the top. People have seen lots of famous layer to fill this list but having someone who doesn’t supposed to be there would be amazing. It would excite the player and also the spectators in different ways.

Tour Championship would be the last playoff events from four events that held in FedEx Cup. They will play in the field with 30 people. The number has been reduced from the 125 people that fight against each other in the first competition. McIlroy is in a good position for the game. He is number 11 on the list. He can try to win the competition by hoping those five people can finish the field faster. McIlroy manage to get back from a setback that causes him to have bogey at the second by performing series of birdie in seventh. Stenson is trying to give second try of winning FedEx Cup. He manages to achieve birdie for first three and the sixth holes. He perform eagle at ninth, 10th and 12th holes.