College Players Hitting Referee Over the Use of Racist Remarks


Texas high school football player attack a referee because the referee uses racist remarks against the player. The referee denies accusation against him when he is questioned later. Some people have uploaded the video of this attack on the internet. The video have gone viral soon after it is uploaded. It is the racist the explanation on the video that makes this video become famous. Anyone would like to hear the kind of remark that made this mess happens. Those college players don’t do this based on their own intention. It is said that a coach told them to do so. It is later explained that an assistant coach gave this suggestion to them. Such action is induced by the report of racist remarks that used by a referee.

A letter is used to prove the second coach statement for suggestion that leads to this situation. The letter explains his conversation with head coach. This situation also witnessed by ESPN and aired at their program Outside the Lines. Mack Breed, the secondary coach name, does admit to high school principal at John Jay that he got angered by referee racial calls and comment and with emotional response he direct his player to make referee pay for that. John Jay has a game against Marble Falls on 4th of September. The game goes fine until near end of fourth quarter. That is when Victor Rojas and Michael Moreno attack official Robert Watts. They took him to the ground and YouTube footage for this situation hits 11 million people.

School had to bring the pair under suspension. They state their apology publicly and Moreno says that it is one of his biggest regrets. He also said that he is ready to take responsibility of his action and face the consequences. While saying that he also hopes that people would have different opinion about them and gives good consideration about what they did. There is a source that the referee does use n-word during the game. He does this twice, after the first one these two students gets their direction from the second coach and eventually the referee gives the students a cause to perform their coach order. An ofensif language also directed to Latino students. Though the reason doesn’t justify an act of violence but a loudmouth referee needs to be punished.

Watts has refused to comment publicly but through his attorney he said that those students are lying. Despite of the attorney statement lots of people still see this as Watts fault. Since if the student is lying there is no reason for Watts to refuse commenting about the matter. A disciplinary hearing is performed for those John Jay football players at Wednesday. It is hopefully not too tough for the student since the head coach Harris already give a letter that may save that student. The letter explains a conversation between Breed, Harris and Gutierrez in Harris office. Breed admits that he gives the order and wants to take full responsibility for that student action.