Reliving the grief for Jules Bianchi


It should be natural to relive a grief of an accident that causes head injuries on agen bola terpercaya Jules Bianchi when everyone goes back to Suzuka for F1. The freak accident would always be fresh for everyone memory in various different perspective. Bianchi team would stand in the same place where they find out about the accident last year and dread the feeling they should endure for the length of weekend in Suzuka.

Everyone that knows Tokyo would have different experience about the place. Some says it is a city with neon forest where people would never feel at ease. It is a place to enjoy the mix of modernity and people tendency to have fun in live. It is made to focus everything on certain speed to future which may mean prosperity or doom. Everyone who likes the idea of calm and peace live would be bewildered with the reality of life they should face in Tokyo. This is not the place for slow minded or soft hearted people.

One who has tried to live calmly and also have the chance to feel the speed of modernity would have to follow and example that given by younger people who have achieve their degree of familiarity with the situation. This is the only way people could feel the best part of this city and understand what can of fun it could provide. It is a good start to understand the Japanese version of modern city and a good reminder for the country situation while moving to Suzuka in bullet speed.

Suzuka is the place that may be liked by everyone who loves to see empty road. Here is the place for Japanese Grand Prix that will be held in Sunday. F1 fan would always remember this sight as dreadful memories due to the accident that takes a young and talented F1 driver. No one can get it out of their mind. It is just a year ago. An accident happen in this track makes a driver injured and forced to leave this world after 9 months struggling with his injury.

The accident happens on 5 October. Jules Bianchi drives against a recovery vehicle and never recovered from the accident. This is the type of accident that no one can predict. Even

It was on 5 October that he suffered head injuries when he collided with a recovery vehicle, a freak FIA safety procedure is a failure against this fateful situation.

Lots of what ifs have been said relating to his death. People may not believe that he have the capability to be world champion. There is not enough prove of achievement that can assure the probability. But during his time Bianchi have the capability to improve against hard situation and strong opponent. Manor crew always makes a conversation about him and it is escalated when they had to visit Suzuka. They can stand the place. Some are preferred to arrive late and leave early thus they can limit Suzuka experience but other also come there to honor him.