Lancaster Confidence and George Disappointment

stuart lancaster

Stuart Lancaster understands that he had to make better judgment about his action and the team selection to make a god match against wales. The match that would be held at Saturday is the key match in World Cup. Formation changes happened and new people placed for better game. George Ford is replaced by Owen Farrell. Sam Burgess is placed in the center of the field. After beating Fiji in the first match, England had to face Wales which manages to defeat Uruguay. Lancaster are confident about his choice and action and know that winning is a sure result. He said that people would know the game is a success if the manages to win it. People will question the result if the team eventually loses the game. Such opinion would only suggest that Lancaster feels he have made the best decision for the team.

Despite of an injury that happened to Jonathan Joseph and the change he had to make for team backline, he still confident about his decision and the outcome of the competition. Pairing Burgess and Brad Barritt activate 14th design of centre partnership that has prevailed in various competitions during his tenure. He has made the strategy design for 11 months and uses the idea to Test rugby for 112 minutes. The design is intended to put Burgess on the face of Jamie Roberts. Lancaster knew that he had to use the best defense strategy to hold off Wales and make it difficult for them to enter the gain-line.

As a good defender Sam would be able to take care of the defense in British team ad also use his capability to help attackers. This is necessary since he may have a chance to attack if opponent try to choose another route to attack or bypass him. Mike Ford said that the decision to replace George have made him devastated. He doesn’t see it coming and now he has to sit on the bench during such important game. Lancaster says that George should try to deal with his disappointment. Lancaster knows that his decision would be hard on George but it is designed like that to make the team have better chance in winning. Lancaster recognizes George and Burgess as word-class players. He just wants to do thing differently this time and give different effect to the field.

The decision to put George Ford on the bench has various criticisms. People say that the Lancaster decision is an act that signifies his true feeling. Gavin Hastings is an ex-captain for Scotland have expressed that the host give the sign of panicking. Everyone would easily understand why George Ford feels devastated and give them some kind of support and condolences. They also speak about his feeling as a player that hasn’t done a big mistake but have to feel the bench at an important match. That just doesn’t make sense. Ford literally filling in for Saracens and Farrell during the matches of Six Nations and then Lancaster had to replace him with Owen.