Newcastle Effort in Giving Good Performance

newcastle players

It will be difficult for any Newcastle player to cope with their environment after the situation they cause at St James’ Park. They have two defeats one by Watford and the other by Sheffield which is happened at Wednesday. Those are the kind of game that would make fans build up a feeling of despise toward the team if they can’t win the game. Such opinion is eventually proven by Newcastle defeats. Previous result of this season game for Magpies is acceptable. Lots of different reasons cause the acceptance. Losing from a team that just recently promoted or losing a chance to play in League Cup is devastating for the fans and the team morale itself. With increased pressure there would a lot of things to do and appropriate person would be required to deal with the situation.

Some fan may realize the fact that McClaren actually have a problem in term of character. He also doesn’t seem to have enough experience to deal with his team situation. Newcastle players in the past don’t think that they have made bad performances that causing real dislike form their fans. In 2003 Manchester United beats Newcastle 6-2 at St James’ Park. Fans don’t turn against the team after that. Fans know that the opponent is too strong. The team has done their best and result won’t be matter. They obviously would go mad if the team doesn’t really works on the game. Everyone on the team should put on their best effort at any game.

Team knows that they have to make good effort at every game. Not just the game they have to play at St James’ Park but also any other stadium. Newcastle payer says that they will do everything to stop other player for at least the first 5 minutes. They would close any opponent movement. Hold them off with tackles and chase them anywhere they would go. It makes a basic of football show because such action would give a way that the team is really serious about stopping the opponent from invading their goal area. From that point the team ma stone one or two goals but it doesn’t really matter anymore. People already know that the team gives their best effort.

It would be as simple as that. Team should show the fans that they doesn’t fear any team and will give a try to beat them up during the game. Such action makes the team could lose with pride and once people sees that fans would give the team their support. Players in the team should learn the reason for making good performance and learn how to do it. It is just a basic for being a part of Newcastle. Seniors had to give thorough explanation to the any new people in the team. It is important for them to know as a commonsense thus they would try their best to be the one attacking, not attacked. Newcastle would face Manchester City and Chelsea at the next game. This is the time to give their best performance.