New Zealand Victory Against Namibia in the Rugby World Cup 2015

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2015 Rugby World Cup match between New Zealand and Namibia place are exciting yet thrilling. All blacks designation for the New Zealand team trying to defend the title survival. Namibia Team in attendance as the team underestimated appear sticking with New Zealand at the Olympic Stadium on Thursday. After appearing less convincing performance in the first match of Pool C against Argentina, it seemed like New Zealand did not want to make his opponents in Pool C underestimate him. Proven against Namibia, the All Blacks were able to defend his title. Namibia was able to put 3 points in the first half for the punishment given to Theuns Kotze. All Blacks do not keep silent, when it entered into two spells Johan Deysel strike back at minute 51.

Score changed to 41-14 with leads while New Zealand because it is able to excel in the first five innings. The entire supporting the All Blacks or about 51 820 are in the stadium shouted happily. New Zealand did show its quality in the field, is evident from the beginning to the end of the match the All Blacks always improve performance. In 2016 New Zealand wanted to show that they are a team capable of winning the first World Cup for three times in a row. Hansen said that once against Argentina and won with a score of 26-16, he made a change of formation for the start of the match with Namibia and it looks like the results are quite satisfactory.

All Blacks captain is Sam Cane is one to 67 who are believed to be the captain of the New Zealand team, he is also the youngest captain ever owned by New Zealand after the coach replaced the previous captain Richie McCaw into the bench. 15-0 at the position that is at the 10th minute, scoring opportunities wide open, but it is only three tries. Barrett then tried again to break through the defense line of Namibia, and then Milner-Skudder the opportunity to corner the opportunities given by the referee. After a pause of rest, Kontze reduce the distance score to 34-9 before the televised match was decided that the All Blacks through the player Julian Savea has crash landed.

Deysel is able to address the quality of their team, with hard work and persistence is reflected from New Zealand were able once crossed with a time of 10 minutes while the team from Namibia to have to go down to 14 men after prop one of the New Zealand players are Jaco Engels. McCaw eventually came out with a very inspirational in the field at the last quartal. While the captain of the team Namibian, Jacques Burger out of the field. Until the end of this match, the All Blacks only able to add two points in five minutes time left. Namibia defeat on New Zealand makes this team should lose win four times in a row after they beat Kenya, Zimbabwe, and twice defeated Russia prior to this tournament.