Namibia and the Team for Rugby World Cup


World rugby has changed by moving away from any orthodoxy that is known by lots of people. The changes s displayed early in the beginning of World Cup that held in this year. Not many can expect world ruby can be like this. Japan prevails against South Africa. Change the shape of teams in Tier 2. Looking at a match between Fiji and England is also a fun thing to see. Fiji gives a good fight against the team proving that they have prepared themselves for this situation. Given the fact that japan manages to make their team prevail against bigger opponent, people put their attention to Olympic Stadium this Thursday. Namibia is smaller than japan in terms of rugby. In fact it is far smaller by a caparison of minnow to plankton.

Looking at what happen at the match of Japan again South Africa. No one dare to give any prediction about the outcome of the match. Would New Zealand wipe out Namibia or otherwise will be seen at Thursday. People can give their own perspective after looking at number and statistic of choice comparison. New Zealand registered senior player amount is half of Japan which has 53,000 players. England would be three times bigger than japan with 167,000 players. Namibia only has 1,080 players which would be equal to nothing compared to others. This is only the comparison of available choices for the best player in the country. The larger number would naturally have certain advantage since they would have a lot more to choose from. Actually rugby only needs 11 good players thus a thousand choices should be enough.

In term of playing time Japanese have an expanding professional league. South Africa has a player with highest income in the world which is reported in 2012. The player name is Jaque Fourie. Namibia has different choices of professional player. All of them started with different jobs until decide to follow a career as professional rugby player. In Namibia team you can find engineers, construction workers, diamond traders and farmers. Namibia captain Jacques Burger also said that the team has a dentist which is handy should somebody lose their tooth during the game. The dentist is PJ van Lill with number eight in his back. He put down his drill and pursues a career as rugby player in France.

Some player also have similar amount of experience as their captain. One of such player is Johnny Redelinghuys. He also plays World Cup for the third time. He owns a company in field of steel construction. Jaco Engels is a rugby player that has retired two years ago and come back to play World Cup for the first time at age 34. He is retired to make another career in the field of law. Burger is the only world class player on the team. Previously he is a sales rep until 2004 then shifted to be a rugby player and play in England. Burger knows that the team should play with pride and give a tangible manifestation of their prowess.