Kam Chancellor Contract Holdout Ends

Kam Chancellor

Seattle Seahawks would receive a good help to pay for their bad start. This Wednesday they lost another game but Kam Chancellor gives news that he would come back. He will put an end to his contract holdout. He will return back to the team by doing so. Chancellor is skipping pre-season acting his request to renew his contract. The situation prolonged and he has to skip two more games at the start of the season. Both of these games end in Seahawks defeats. Seahawks loses matches against Rams and Packers is proven to be a very bad start for the team. A downfall of team morale could be shifted through the text he sends at Stephen A Smith. His text confirms that he wants to back to the team.

Chancellor said that he want to help his team to fight back form their defeat. With him in the team he would give a try to improve Seahawks bad start at the beginning of this season. In the text he said that he will help their team mates. The offer works for those who understand his position and also for those who aren’t. He tries to be good by forgiving people and put himself back to the game. The intention of reshaping contract still exists in his mind but he is willing to address it when the season ends. He wants to continue working on a mission that he started with Marshawn. He can let his friends down and he means business with his words.

Thought it may be able to be a good help Seattle Seahawks may think that Chancellor comeback isn’t necessary. There is nothing to worry about their situation. Their defeat against Rams is something that happened on overtime. Though this can’t justify their defeat but it doesn’t mean that Seattle Seahawks really needs help. Defeats to Packers can be justified by the fact that it is included in the list of best team thus it is logical to see Seattle Seahawks defeated by such team. Despite of justification the team is already defeated twice in the start of the season. It means that the team would need to give better performance than what he has given earlier. Having Chancellor back to the team is a good idea since it could give good boost to the team morale and make the hawk sore back to the sky.

This Wednesday Chancellor is seen on team facility. With the comeback Seattle will have better defense ad good leadership. This would work great for the next game. Seattle would want Chancellor back to the team. But some charges may need to be paid for Chancellor action of contact holdout. Seattle may or may not make this as a problem. It would depend on how much the team needs Chancellor. Chancellor makes his comeback based on his good will. He is following his heart to help his teammates. Looking at team losses hurts him. He know that he could make a difference thus he had to head back to the team.